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That would be acceptable to me for that gun and that load. Check out the Box of Truth website. They shot OOB and #1 at different distances and have some great photos of it. I think he used an 18 in. 870. They got slightly smaller patterns than you did but not enough to worry about. The #1 loads stayed tighter way out past where the OOB was throwing pellets completely off the target. I am a big fan of #1 buck shot for work out to 17 yards or so. I have been using it for a long time and it works very well. Federal has released their #1 buck 2 3/4 load with their Flite control wads and they are definitely the tightest out of any gun I have seen them shot in. It's just now hitting the shelves, find some if you can and you'll be good to go on your shotgun.
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