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I'm pretty sure it's a .30-30. Marked 30 W.C.F. I guess I wasn't clear. The rifle is resting on my hand, which is resting on the sandbag. I'm shooting factory ammo. I'm going to take it out again in a couple weeks and see if I can get a more contrasting target. Should the front sight be dark or shiny?
Assuming you have a bucjhorn sight you have a brass bead and it should be visible under most conditions. As I aged it got harder to see and I went to a Williams aperture sight in the rear and that took me along a few more years. The last 2 years I have had to paint the front sight either chartreuse or florescent rode depending ion the lighting conditions I was shooting in. Only way you will know what your eyes like better is to try a little white out then a little fingernail polish of various colors till you find one that makes you happy. Depending on thr rods and cones in your eyes and your astigmatism you will see color differently than the man next to you so what works for me may7 not work for you, Gotta get out there and try different things.

Note on your hand position, your face position counts for a lot too. Most people crawl up the stock when they shoot from a bench and that gives you a whole nother look at the sights. You might want to consider shooting offhand next time or raise the rest of the rifle so you are not bent over to shoulder the stock. You can get away with it more with a scope but you need to be consistent with iron sights. .
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