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I have a multi-channel digital video baby monitoring system with two cameras that I have put to good use now that the baby is big kid. These cameras, while not high definition, are able to see in complete darkness fairly well.

One camera is positioned to survey the entire great room and I can see all entries into the house with it.

The other camera looks directly down the main hallway that leads to the bed rooms. There is a hallway door that we close which partitions the main living area from bedroom wing, which I keep closed at night in case of smoke/fire. No need to poke my head around corners to see whats coming. All of my doors and windows are alarmed. We also have motion detection lighting around the entire exterior perimeter of the house which are mounted high up to deter casual tampering.

After we have collected the kid, I plan on holing up in the master bedroom with the monitor while the wife makes the necessary calls with her cellphone. We are pretty well prepared for anything that tries to enter the bedroom wing uninvited.
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