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I just tried 2 different RCBS seaters, 2 different Redding seaters and the Redding Competition seater. I tried them all with 50 gr. Speer TNT, 52 gr.Sierra HPBT, 52 gr. Speer Varmint Hollow Point, and all with the same varied OAL. However, I tried 55 gr. Lapua FMJ, my "fur" load and magically with the high quality of Lapua they all measured the same OAL. I use the Nosler load for shooting ground squirrels during the summer. They shoot a very nice group. I guess if I can't solve this problem any other way, I will have to work up a load for the Lapua 55 gr. SP. But they are so much more expensive than the Nosler and I usually shoot around 1000 rounds or so during the summer. But don't give up on me, with help maybe I can solve my problem a cheaper way.

Thanks for your help.
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