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The chart results can be off because we have no idea what type bullets were used in any of the loads also.

I agree with your point about loads. Use heavy, non, or slow expanding bullets in the 357, and lighter, faster, fast expanding bullets in the 44, and I'd bet that the results would be opposite what they now show. Bullet type makes a difference in the results.

The discussion is interesting, but for me, people are down the list for my use or reasons for having a pistol around. I'm out in the hills far more than in a town. I carry 44's and 45 Colts. I use the same guns wherever I go, just dont use the heavy loads when not in the hills. I've shot enough game with them I have a good idea how they'll work on whatever else I may need to shoot. May not be "best", but I'm used to them and shoot them well. I also really really dont like the muzzle blast of a 357.
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