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It seems like most pocket 9mms take some time to get the bugs worked out. I plan on picking up a 938 but I want to wait for them to get the kinks all worked out and for the price to come down.

We've all heard the grumblings about Sig's QC going downhill. I think it's downright shameful. Sig has built a great reputation for high quality, reliable firearms over the years, I hate even the thought that they're going downhill.

However, maybe there are some extenuating factors at work. I often think that the influx of new gun owners who have largely fueled the pocket pistol craze are not as educated on proper gun care/maintenance/usage, leading to more problems. I'm not at all trying to insinuate the OP falls in the uneducated category; clearly he knows what he's doing. I'm also not trying to talk down on this crowd, as we all had to start somewhere. I just see lots of folks at the LGS and at the range with all the latest and greatest compact and subcompact pistols with lasers and everything else, but they can't shoot them for anything. IMHO, these smaller guns are far the best to learn on. For this crowd, I would say the rate of user induced failures is much higher. All these problems then get posted on the internet, because that's where the world goes to complain these days. Just my $0.02.

Wow, that turned into much more of a rant than I anticipated.

Keep us posted, JN01, and thanks for being thorough in sharing your experience with us. Hopefully Sig fixes the problems, because I really want one of these guns!
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