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It's a really bad plan...../ to deviate in the grain of a bullet beyond what is published in a reloading recipe....

If you have a recipe for a 240gr bullet ....and you all of a sudden increase it to a 480 grain bullet'll have to push that bullet deeper into the case...causing what is almost certainly a significant increase in pressure.../ maybe dangerously so ....

What are they going to do - if one of the "tourists" loses a finger ..or an eye...?? If its one of my grandkids...a guy like me, might go after them for $5 Million ...and assert they were grossly negligent - even if they had a signed waiver..../ now maybe the legal issues are different in this area ..maybe not...but even if its only "reputation" that is damaged...there goes his tourist business....
a way better option.....say in .44 my view...

a. buy a S&W model 629, Trail Boss, in a 3" - and if you find an RSR made gun it'll be'll give you a lot of recoil with a traditional 240 gr bullet.../ then have a 4" gun ...and a 6" gun ...and an 8 3/8" barrel gun ...with the same load. They'll have fun with it...

At my local range there was a group of French businessmen visiting my area...they were at our local range renting guns / having a good time ( mostly with .22's and a 9mm ) ......and that particular day I had a mod 629 3" .44 mag....a mod 27 4" .357 mag ...and a single action Freedom Arms revolver in .357 mag.... / they were hanging around my lane, being curious, so I showed them my guns - they took some photos - and I ended up letting each of them put a few rounds thru each of my guns - they had a new experience / didn't cost them anything .../ it was fun for me to introduce someone to a different aspect of this hobby with guns that my local range did not have for rent ....and I even got a nice email thank you from them a couple of weeks later when they went home.

I think an approach like that ...for "Tourtists" is a way better plan...on handguns, or rifles, or shotguns...or any firearms for that matter..../ and way safer.

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