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Originally Posted by Pond, James Pond=
If I can't get 300gr PRVI FNFMJs which would be the next best thing an FNFMJ that is 240gr, or a plated LFN that is 300gr?
To answer your question, I'd go with the 300 gr. plated LFN since it is the closest in construction and weight to the 300 gr. PRVI FNFMJ and most likely to match the penetration offered by the 300 gr. PRVI load.

If know the velocities (advertised or otherwise) of these three loads, you can use any one of a few bullet penetration models (there are a few- the most notable ones being by D MacPherson, C Schwartz, and CE Peters) to give you a general idea of how far they'll penetrate especially since they will probably not be expanding unless they hit bone.
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