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There isn't much difference in the feel and accuracy between the full size and compact. One round difference in the magazine. I often mistake one for the other when both are at the range at the same time until I run out of ammo a bit early. Both tend to be just as boring. The .45 is the only caliber I have all three sizes in. The recoil is less than I expected since this is a polymer. I like getting the kits since they only come with night sights if I ever need to use them. The full size magazine will work in all three. The smaller sizes will have the magazine sticking out the grip but it still works. For some reason I prefer to use the 6 round magazine only in the SC. 10 plus one, 9 plus one or even 6 plus one is a lot of lead to put down range with a .45.

If you have large hands, the large grip you can get for $45 makes a difference, at least to me. I expect to still be shooting the P250 many years from now.

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