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No, I don't loan guns to anyone ...not even in the family ...but let me tell you a story...

a. Yrs ago / I couldn't afford a router - my neighbor graciously offered to let me borrow his ...I made some cabinets...and then the router died ! He didn't expect me to repair it ...replace it / but I did - it was in my hands went it burnt up. So it cost me 2 routers...a new one for him and a new one for me to finish the job ( I could have waited on my job / until I could afford the new router ) ....instead ended up with 2 routers on my credit card I had to pay off expensive lesson.

I will offer to let curious shooters - shoot some of my guns at the range / especially if its something they have no experience with / might want to buy, etc..../ and if family members go to the range - we use my guns. If it gets scratched or something happens during those times - its part of the risk I assume by letting them shoot my guns.

I don't care about the legal issues...but what are you going to expect if someone drops a gun on a concrete range floor.../ what if they damage it badly - or a big ole cosmetic scratch that will aggravate you every time you look at it / what if they get hurt ( a bad cut, etc )....are you just going to absorb the expense.../ are they going to take care of it.../ how much will it aggravate you - what are you going to feel if a buddy gets hurt badly - and if you were there you could have probably prevented it from happening...

I think loaning guns to someone is a bad plan....for you and him / her... and you can accomplish the same thing by taking them to the range and letting them put a box of ammo thru one of your guns as a test drive....and be there to help them.

Now I suppose if the gun in question was a utilitarian gun ...a scratch wouldn't bother me ....but I'm sure not going to give someone my pet $3K 1911 ..../ and I wouldn't ever get over a bad accident, if they had one, and I wasn't there to stop it ....
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