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Is this madness or benign given the goal?

Disclaimer: this is not my idea, nor is it my intention!!

I know some guys who run a range and also reload.

They like to give their customers a good experience and they seem perfectly professional in their management of the site and handling of guns!

They have some big-bore Ruger (IIRR) revolvers there for some of the package deals that tourists often enjoy and one of them mentioned the possibility of getting the max recoil out of one of these revolvers by sticking two bullets into a given case, essentially making, say, a 600gr cartridge out of 2 x 300gr bullets or a 800gr out of 400gr bullets.

I understand that this would have little use for target practice and accuracy, but imagine you're a tourist wanting to know what a massively recoil-heavy revolver feels like, then I guess this would deliver, but it just sounds hazardous!!

Is it??
Were they pulling my leg?
Am I just gullible? (He did say it with a proper poker-face)
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