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If the repair is done right .../ so its basically transparent - it would be fine. But if you can see the crack or the repair ...for most of us it would aggravate us every time we picked up the gun....

However, to repair it ....and keep it as a backup gun / maybe a training gun for young shooters, etc is fine too. Or if you sell it - just disclose what happened and how you repaired it ...if you're honest it'll still be attractive to someone / at some kind of a fair price.

We all have budgets...don't ever apologize for doing what you thought was right at the time !!

Having said that - yes, I think its probably time to save some money and consider moving on. A "pedestrian" level competition gun - very capable of going 500,000 to a million shells with no issues a Browning Citori XS Skeet 12ga available in both 28" and 30" barrels and with an adjustable comb - I think its a gun that will fit 99.9% of the shooters out there ( it has a parallel comb / they're listing for around $ 3,500 right now / but I've seen them new in a box in my area for around $3K.

Tube sets are a different issue ....and while I like the idea / tubes add at least 10oz to the weight of a gun if you tube a 12ga - then in 20ga, etc its 10oz heavier..../ the better option is to have a 2nd barrel bored out - to become a Carrier Barrel ...and carrier barrel is only shot with the tubes in it the 12ga and the 20ga tube set weighs the same. But that option will add another $2K or so to the issue.../ but its a way better option.

Browning XS Skeet model / or Beretta DT-10 ...are both production guns ...a lot less money than Perazzi, Blaser...let alone Kolar or Krieghoff...and both of those guns will last for many generations. There are of course other Browning and Beretta options / depending on what fits you ...but unless you really know what stock dimensions you need...a gun with a parallel comb is probably your best option.

In competition guns...don't overlook some of the semi-autos from Beretta / they have a lot of nice guns out now ...or the Benelli Super Sport model as well with the comfort tech system for about $2K. It isn't just about O/U's - although I prefer them / the Super Sport is my travel gun - one gun that does everything...and its my foul weather gun since its synthetic. So the point is do have other options. ( you can't tube a semi-auto of course)...

and good luck...with whatever you decide...
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