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Oldest doesn't mean best. I don't understand the Colt attitude.

OP wanted opinions and options. If you want all the snobbery and hype with a basic rifle that does indeed the colt. If it were me I would go with the LMT 16" patrol or RUC 16 for a little more...or the BCM 16" mid for the same/less.

I don't really do the Tacticool thing. Yes some add-ons are very useful and can be necessary depending on the role for the weapon. Don't really see the point in a heavy(er) metal quad-rail with several feet of combined mounting space to mount a flashlight to a range toy. FF with mounting space for a bipod and maybe a NV optic to a precision/hunting rifle...okay. None of mine have extra feet of rails to hold rail covers. But a LOT of people do. If I was going to do that, I wouldn't spend between 1K and $1200 on a rifle with basic "plinker" options with one of the most disliked and changed stocks. Once you change those thing (and most will) you have a $1400-$1600 rifle that is no better than any other one that you could of just got in the first place.

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