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If you think my answer above is wordy, you should have seen it an hour ago!

I took me ages to formulate and distill the ideas in my post above, hence why some posts are not referenced: namely jglsprings'... I was still typing!

So in answer to that: I get what you are saying and am encouraged by it. Your post confirms a couple of things:
1) My 240gr PRVI options may well be up to the job and...
2)... that 300gr bullets would not be a load for fun and so a lot would go to waste if I had to buy a minimum of 500 bullets

In turn this also suggests that if I decide to go with 300gr, then a box of factory would be the way to go...

jglsprings: you asked two pertinent questions.

Which was my initial load back when I thought I hated the recoil and I'd considered jacking-in the Redhawk? ( oh, the shame!!)
It was that piffling S&B load!!!

Do or did I think I'd need more power?
Well, actually, now yes I do. Admittedly it was hard-packed dry paper and magazines, but that S&B SP travelled precisely 1.5 inches into my scrap paper archery practice target! If that were a bear that wanted my dogs as a starter and me for mains (with enough for left-overs), then I would want more power than the S&B SPs.

Would loads such as the PRVI 240gr loads be enough, is a different story and I don't know the answer to that.

It just seems that when 2 shots fired is doing well, in these bear encounter situations, then perhaps 2 x 300gr increase my chances.... Unless of course, 240grs means I'd get 3 shots!!
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