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I load in a room in the garage. It does have air and heat but it isn't on all the time. I had problems that started to clear up after the scale was used for a minute. By the time it cleared up the room temp was over 40 degrees. I don't know if the batteries were allowing things to warm up enough to get stable or it needed the room temp to get over 40. Both things were happening at the same time so it is hard to tell. The problem was the weight of the pan was changing plus and minus .1 grains. My days of trying to work in sub zero temps are long past.

I keep the temp in the room during the summer at around 85 until I go in to reload. Then I drop the temp to some where between 75 and 80. The A/c is just a window unit and its main function is to keep humidity to a reasonable level. In the winter I only heat while I'm out reloading. It does drop below freezing here in the winter, but not for very long. Heat is the big problem.

Normally this scale will give the same results consistently If I turn it on and wait about 30 seconds before I zero for the powder pan. I have tried putting some powder in the pan to check the weight then pour it back into the case and once again back to the pan. The weight was the same over and over. the same thing for weighing a dollar bill. It gave repeatable reading over and over.

The first scale I had had a problem with the display. I contacted Brian and I got a new one pretty fast. The only problem I expect with the second one is going to probably be it needs new batteries. It has been a year and the original batteries are still working.

To me at this point in my life, 20 years may as well be a life time. I will be surprised if I can still reload and shoot that far down the road.
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