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Scrubbed Crests are a part of a guns history. We all know why Mums were ground off by the Japanese. Would we prefer one to be intact? Yes, but... even so it's part of it's heritage, and is not vandalism. Markings are interesting: Ever see a Kar-98K modified to 7.62 and with Nazi Waffenamt markings right next to the Star of David? Markings come and markings go and their presence (or removal) ebbs and flows with the tide of war. It's all good as long as it's original.

Crudely applied and badly placed import markings? That's vandalism. A little care goes a long way. Century ought to be spanked for the way they mark things. I absolutely positively will never buy anything marked by them. Other importers marking vary.

Bubba-Sporterizing takes a gun out of even the slightest consideration. It's no longer a military arm at that point and might as well be a badly maintained Mossberg. Just pass it by and not even give it a second thought. Sort of like Mosin Nagants.... (sorry, no interest). Actually, Mosin's do have an important role to play now: They let Bubba continue the hobby of "file and hacksaw improvements" while leaving Mausers and Enfields and Arisakas alone and unmolested. Go Bubba!

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