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Plinking or hunting? Neither, really: Just exploring which options are worth investigating and which are not.

My problem is that the only two animals I'm worried about, even if meeting them is unlikely, are either a brown bear, or a rutting male moose, and I want a woods load to match that possible threat.

I have a few options:
  1. Source and just use S&B factory loads (no thanks: they're just a good source of range ammo and brass).
  2. Load up hot rounds with the PVRI 240gr FNFMJs I have
  3. Buy PVRI's own healthy looking FNFMJ 240gr rounds
  4. Buy PRVI's less impressive, but still potent FNFMJ 300gr rounds
  5. Buy the minimum order of FNFMJ 300gr bullets (but likely more than I need as they'll never be my go-to plinking round) and develop a load, make up a few cartridges of it and occasionally shoot them for practice.

I don't know if the shopcan or will order, putting options 3-5 into question, but that is why I asked the question:
If the answer is "300gr just sounds cool, and has little real world value", I can happily drop options 4 and 5 from my list and stick to deciding between options 2 and 3.

However, it seems I still have a dilemma if, indeed, the 300gr bullets are potentially the best bet for the animals I'm concerned by.
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