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the rule my wife and I negotiated on: ONLY 1 GUN PURCHASE PER YEAR.
You might want to see if she'll bend a little on that.
I picked up two S&W model 17's once & saved $100 by buying both at the same time.
The gun store was asking $395 ea for them. I offered them $700 for the pair.
The most extreme case I ran into doing this & will forever kick myself for not taking the deal - was a pair of new in box 4" blue Pythons - for $900 - for both , not each.
Like an idiot I passed.
Stupid, stupid, stupid...

Used guns can also be fairly lucrative -but - you have to walk a thin line with BATF on that one. Do it too often and they may feel you need a FFL..
I'd buy a "tired", used and semi abused .22 rifle.
Refinish the stock, add a white ring (cut from an empty Clorox bottle) between the butt & plastic butt plate to dress it up a bit, then trade or sell it.
I'd make,,maybe,,$20 on it @ best - but - every little bit helps.
Buy it for $60 and use it as a trade in on another gun at a different gun store & get $70 or $80 for it.

Aluminum cans...
My wife and I, about 22/23 years ago, collected Aluminum cans & sold them for scrap. There was a collection point for scrap Aluminum in the parking lot of a local super market.
We'd collect the cans during the week, then drop them off on Saturday.
We chose Saturday because that's the day they had all the free samples in the super market - that was our lunch.
Laugh all you want, but, those few extra pennies made the difference between making the mortage payment and not making it...

Credit cards.
(I know - tough one...)
We only use credit cards that offer cash back.
We use a credit card for nearly everything we buy.
The cash back is between 2 and 3% and sometimes as much as 5%.

Double dip on the credit cards...
Look around and see if any super markets offer gas discounts tied to purchases in their store. We have Giant Eagle and Acme stores here in NE Ohio that both offer gas discounts with so many points (earned by buying stuff in their stores).
Since any purchase in the store qualifies, and they sell gift cards - such as Lowes and Home Depot - I can buy $100 worth of Lowes gift cards, get a 2% discount on my credit card, get X number of cents off per gallon of gas, then use the gift card to buy what I need from Lowes.

I can't begin to stress how much cost savings there is in reloading.
The actual cost of most guns is a small percentage of what it will cost to shoot the gun over it's lifetime.
& please - no one say you won't save any money because you'll just shoot more.
Instead of shooting more, concentrate on shooting better.
Practice doen't make perfect - perfect practice makes perfect.
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