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All of the Colt Gold Cups were good, some were great, and few fantastic. I've owned three over the years, two Series 70's, and one Series 80. The two Series 70's needed no add'l work to make them fully capable in NRA Bullseye competition...hand held 25 yd groups went right at an inch for a full magazine.

The Series 80, however, has never shown that type of accuracy. It's an unusual gun however, factory original in .40 S&W caliber, and that is the #1 reason for it's problems...groups gun less than 2" for the most part, but I get infrequent flyers every so often that make it not really trustworthy for precision work. Flyers that run gps. out to 3+". It's frustrating, and believe me, I've tried some first rate gunsmiths to cure it's inherent glitch. Mods have included link and bushing changes, trigger work, rail work etc.

Others have had good luck with the Series 80's in .45 ACP (an inherently more accurate cartridge, in my opinion, than the .40 S&W). But most gunsmiths find that the Series 70's are easier to get a really good trigger on, since they lack the add'l "anti-drop it on the hammer" safety parts.

Hope you find a good one....and most are! Rod
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