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New guy here but pick up on this thread while doing a search for using the 338 fed for a moose hunt I'm planning in newfoundland in a couple of years. I've shot deer with the 338 fed with 200 sierra's and the results were 2 dropped and one did a 20 yard death run. 2 weeks ago ranges out to 250 yards, 3 caribou bulls fell to my rifle loaded with the barnes 160. the 1st was shot at what the guide said was 225-250 yards went about 20-30 yards. the next was shot at 130 yards or so and went down like a rock. The last shot was by the guide filling one of his tags. The shot was at about 225 and the results were drt. All were pass throughs, all exit wounds were about the size of a dime to a nickel, closer to a nickel I think. The barnes did very well and I'm very pleased with the results.
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