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ya know
this debate comes around about once a month here about full size 9mms

Normally I would just tell you get the sig pro 2022
its an amazing gun and well below the price point you wanted
most days its 400 bucks out the door, use the other 200 for holster and extra magazines, you wouldnt go wrong
you can find the magazines a lot cheaper than On line big gun stores like buds and CCDN. I can get them for mine at the gun shows for 25-35 bucks normally. You just need to find a place you get a fair deal from. They have a second party maker also that has a 17 round mag as well, its not sig but its just as good. They are usually 20 bucks so you really can't bitch too much about the one mag that comes in the 2022 case for 400 bucks.

the CZ 75 is a great gun to
the CLONES of it are even better on occasion.

The IWI baby eagle II for example
you will spend in the mid 550 range for one
great guns
has a safety, a de-cocker on the slide
hand fit on the slide if you get one made in Israel
truly an excellent gun.

both of these have polymer frames and stainless steel slides
both are excellent guns

any of the CZ 75s or the clones of them should be on your list to look at if you really want to shoot this thing
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