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Originally Posted by fullsize only
to spat mcgee
I agree with what you are saying. My whole attempt was mostly geared toward the devil being in the details and if put in the position, do you trust what you carry. If you have to take a long shot, do you trust what you carry? Fullsize guns give you the most range of capability within the law. Not harping on statistics or retreating, but all laws and details in your favor, EVERYONE, especially sigcurious and rodeo roy, do you trust what you have to make the shot? If not, why carry compact? You have the right to carry what you want, for comfort, concealment, performance, etc. That's the beauty of this country. But because life can bring things as elaborate as the discussions, laws and scenarios we presented today, why not carry what can handle the biggest part of these?
fullsize only, I didn't get into this discussion until it took a turn into legalities. The short answer to "Why carry compact?" is: for concealability and convenience. In some sense, it's also a matter of weighing the odds of what one is likely to actually encounter.

A buddy of mine is fond of saying, "If I'd known I was goin' to a gunfight, I'd'a brought a rifle." If I knew that I was going to have to take that 50-yard shot that you've discussed, I would most assuredly go with a long gun for that. Few of us can conceal an AR on a daily basis, though, and LE tends to take a dim view of guys with semi-automatic rifles under their trench coats. So the next choice is a pistol, then.

Do full-sized pistols have better accuracy? Sure. Most modern full-sized pistols are capable of better accuracy than I am. Weather and wardrobe permitting, I prefer to carry a full-sized pistol, too. Like many folks, though, work and weather often force me to weigh several factors in my carry decision. For example, if I have to go to court, I have to either skip carrying, or leave my gun somewhere while I'm in court.

Is there some chance that, during the course of my usual workday, I will one day have to decide whether to take a 50-yard shot with my pocket pistol? Sure, but the odds are extremely remote. Much more likely is a scenario in which I am accosted at bad-breath-range by one of the homeless guys that lives downtown. At that range, the difference in accuracy between full-sized and compact isn't terribly important.
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