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Sure bub...was hired for the MDPD in 2008, started the academy and all. January. Not during the academy of course. I injured my knee. And got a surgery January 5th of 2009. (I'll post pics darling) they took me out of the academy for a temporary time. I needed clearance from my surgeon for a year after. Dr. John Uribe. Look him up Mr. FBI he's well known. I was denied clearance due to muscle atrophy in my right quad. I was good to go but my doctor wouldn't let me right away. So I was prescribed testosterone enathate and hit the gym. Gained 20lbs. Awesome. Went back, Miami-Dade county had a hiring freeze. So went for the military. Which they couldn't take me for the reason you searched like my girlfriend would when she's jealous. That was cute by the way :P

So...since you wanna know about my personal life, here's the awesome part. You read? This is going to be great.

I'm fluent in Arabic cause I am of Lebanese decent. Born and raised in Miami Florida. I learned Spanish as well. Both of which with a non "gringo" accent as they say. I picked up a JOB and CAREER and TRAINING under a branch of the government. My linguistic are my are my bread and butter. Port of Miami is in....MIAMI. And that's all you get to know. Thank you for your concern. You're an honorary civilian seeking out truth and justice on the interwebs! Congrats

Gonna post a few pics here and some in another post cause the X-ray pictures show my name.

EDIT: Also, very quick. I HAVE worked a few jobs here and there while the schooling went on. Hotel, warehouse. Little gigs.

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