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I didn't think Varget was too good in 223.
My Nosler #5 manual shows Varget used with bullets from 40-55 grains. It may not be the best powder, but it is certainly usable. When I'm reloading the .223, I generally use IMR4895 or RL15, simply because that's what I've got on the bench. Were I setting up simply for that caliber, I might go buy powder especially for that use, but because I load so little of the cartridge I tend to use what's available.

I should note that I don't reload for my gas gun, but reload for the bolt and single-shot rifles we have, so I'm not concerned with port pressures and cycling issues, simply accuracy. But, to answer your question, there is a wide range of powders that may not be best for the .223, but are eminently usable.
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