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Cost of my latest AR build (for reference)

For those here looking for information on building an AR here's my latest build and cost (I watch the sale pages on PSAs site, prices reflect what I paid at the time, not what they are now):

PSA Premium Upper: $279
PSA Lower (this is the NOBAMA one, standard blem lowers are $59) $120
PSA Lower STR Build Kit ($125)
LBK Link
Charging handle: $17
BCM BCG: $150
BCM Link
15'' MI Gen2 Rail: $170 (LE/MIL discount price)
YHM Low Pro Gas Block: $30

Total cost: $891

All prices are OTD. I had the sights sitting around in my parts bin but a set of MBUIS sights is $80-90. I'll also be selling my original front sight for $15-20. The big advantage to building it yourself is building it to your specs.

If ya'll have any questions; let me know.

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