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I watched that video already, thats cool your a member here. Anyways, how do these stack against an Draco? I havn't heard of the Zastava before. Would I do better to buy a Draco?

The parts on this are standard ak parts or what? how can I find replacements/bolt carrier etc..? Thanks
Zastava is a very highly respected AK maker; their AKs have always been built like tanks and well fitted; and this one is no exception. If you've ever heard of "Yugo" AKs they're made by Zastava but most in the US just say "Yugo" not the plant name. The same will apply if you're looking for info on "Serbian" AKs--same guns just built before and after the war.

The parts are standard AK; except the the parts I mentioned in the video (handguard, thread pattern, top cover). Bolt/bolt carrier are normal AK parts.

One other point---the M92 is not chrome lines (no 7.62 Yugo AKs were...) and the Draco is.
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