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300gr and 240gr. Where are the advantages?

Apologies if this has been raised before. I've seen a few such threads about ammo choice recently, but this is more about actual performance and how each fits in the grand scheme.

In other words, I just want to understand, rather than choose one over the other.

This morning I was considering the fact that, despite reloading, I have no objections to buying the odd box of ammo if it lets me experience different characteristics without buying 500 rounds of a particular type.

So today, I compared my only factory round so far the S&B .44 Mag SJSP (240gr, 360m/s, 1008 Joules) to some others. The S&B load, despite being impressive when I first started, now looks quite anaemic. Fiocchi also make a 240gr SJSP with 435m/s and 1471Joules. Definitely better!

Then I found the PRVI Partizan website and they have a FPJ or SJSP 240gr cartridge developing 470m/s and 1725 Joules (Now that is more like it!!). Meanwhile, they also make a 300gr SJSP but making only 390m/s and 1485 Joules.

Both seem to make decent energy levels and I'm not surprised that the 240gr travels faster but, despite a 25% weight increase, what does the 300gr bullet bring to the table, here??
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