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Thanks a lot for the info guys. My only real world experience is shooting deer with a 30-06. That tends to have considerable different attributes than the 9mm under my pillow. My thought pattern (I dont carry im in NJ) is that I want to be able to deter someone from causing harm to my family without hurting my family. Thus the 9mm with Hydrashok. I could also keep the 12ga or even the 30-06 next to the bed. Either of those would easily pass through the intruder the bedroom walls and anything down range. IMHO- I am using as good a round as any for my circumstance. If I had a 44mag I might consider a light weight frangible.
Thanks for the info on Tom B.. I have always been a fan of the Hydrshok design. What was his screen name or do you have links to any of his posts?
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