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I almost did not read this post because the tittle was non-discript without mentioning primer supplies.

Yeh, CCI primers in my area are all gone and have been so for months. In fact 4 out of five local gun stores in my area have no SPP at all. The only SPP I can find are Federal and only at 1 store at $37 per 1K. I have been checking each store every two weeks or so for months now.

The primer shortage is real here.

You can buy CCI primers on-line occassionaly and they are around $35 per 1K before hazmat fees. Powder Valley has a somewhat reliable source, apparently.

Prices are very high IMO. I have a sufficent stockpile now but I will begin to buy some Tula primers that are around $22 to see if they are any good.

Your options:
* wait out the supply shortage
* Buy on-line at high prices
* Use a different brand
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