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Ever checked into what the legal ramifications would be if said person commited a crime with, or injured someone with your firearm????

I would think it would be a BAD idea......
It would be best not to loan a gun to a criminal.

If you loan a pencil to someone and they stab someone to death with it you could get sued.

If you loan a lawn mower to someone and they cut of someones foot with it you could get sued.

If you loan a cup of sugar to one neighbor , and he pours it in another neighbors gas tank, you could get sued.

If I loan a gun to a very good friend, and he uses it to defend his life, they can sue me all they like, my friends life was worth it.

On the other hand, if my friends CCW is in the shop and he asks to borrow a gun from me until his gets back, and I say no,and he is shot to death by a car jacker..........?
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