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Should not have a problem shooting the ammo . There is some talk out there that cus steel case ammo does not seal the chamber as well as brass .You can get some blow back in to the chamber of carbon and case finishes . This can build up in your chamber and cause extraction issues . This seems to be more relevant with semi auto's then bolts cus they tend to get hotter do to the higher rate of fire .It also seems to be more of an issue if you switch quickly from steel to brass . Make sure you clean your chamber really well after shooting

I would buy both . I would have the steel stuff for others or to sell and keep the brass stuff for my family and I . If your talking about rainy day/ -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- hits the fan type of stock pile I would slowly build up the good stuff .

Im just not sure if TSHTF I would bet my life on steel ammo . My friends and neighbors can use steel but for my home and family , I'll stick with the brass .

I would do some shelf life research on both aswell . How to store long term . I hade a few hundred rounds sitting in my basement for 17 years I forgot about . I took it out to the range a few months ago and it all worked fine . I was very surprised .

I was talking to a friend about the 17 year old ammo . He sggested how ever I stored that ammo is how I should store all my ammo . The funny thing about that is .It was just in a plastic bag in a old tool box . No seals no anti moister packs nothing just sitting there . My basement must be a cool dry place
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