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Hornady's customer service is FAR from the same. There's a 75% shot they will bend over backwards to help you. But that other 25% of the time... they're going to bend you over backwards, shove their defective tool into the dark recesses of your body cavities, refuse to replace it, and blame you for the problem ... even though it was bad right out of the box.
Although this has never happened to me (Defective New Dimension sizer right out of the box quickly replaced), every company's CS department has to employ imperfect humans. People are just people, someone may have a bad day, another may just be plain incompetent. But there is a solution that anyone can use when dealing with a bad CS rep - be it from RCBS, Dillon, Hornady, or any other company in existence with a CS department....... Redial.

Again as I mentioned Dillon set the standard that others must follow. Dillon has made it to where any company trying to compete in this niche market would have to not only put out a superior product, but then back it up 100% for the life of that product, regardless of previous ownership. Hornady has done both with the LnL AP.

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