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New (To me) S&W 1911

I picked up this S&W 1911 on a trade a few days ago. Not my first S&W 1911, I bought a 1911Sc when they first came out and still own it, and love it. I traded a bit high on this but I still think it was the right decision. Traded an old Citori Trap (I don't like trap, when I shoot clays I shoot skeet, had the gun for a long time and never shot it) and an M&P .45 (Also own an M&P 9 and just inherited an XDM 45, so I am set on plastic guns, and the M&P 45 just never saw any use). Called Smith to check on the manufacture date, it was early 2004. Hitting the range this coming weekend, range reports will follow.

And with my 1911 Sc
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