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Come here to Ohio and I can show you a few 'real nice people' (older and younger) that often wear camo and tapout shirts that carry 1911's. Some hunt, some don't.
If your info is correct, you live in SE Ohio? Hell, I grew up down there, and I'm pretty sure there have been brides from down that way wearing camo wedding gowns! Totally unarmed, and didn't hunt. But they knew how to clean and cook game animals.

I haven't had a niece show up yet for her wedding in camo, but I'm sure it's gonna happen eventually. Likely arriving for the service on a muddy ATV.

But the only folks down that way I see carrying Glocks are the cops. My kin are more the 1911 crowd. No Tapout shirts yet. Some Underarmor though, and they never played sports.
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