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Boring P250 Range trip

I recently got a .45 sub compact kit for my P250. I went to the range to try it out. No jams. No malfunctions. Recoil was not much different from the .45 full size and compact configurations. Accuracy is also on par with the full size and compact which is very good if I do my part. I even fed it a steady diet of my reloads. My reloads are Montana Gold 185 grain jacketed hollow points with 5.2 grains of WST powder. There is only one complaint I could come with. I prefer a larger grip. I like using the large grip you can purchase for all other sizes. They just don't make a large grip for the sub compact. The largest one is a medium. I might consider getting a handall grip to increase the distance around the grip later.

That is about it. Now you can tell why it was boring.
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