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I'm with you mr pond

In a 308 I prefer the 150-155 grainers. Varget is ok but it depends on your barrel length. In a shorter barrel varget is not optimal, burns too slow. 4064 is decent for the 150s, gets decent velocities as well, right around 2950 fps in my rifle. ReLoader 15 is good stuff too. There are so many possible combinations out there that will work and each rifle is different so just try a few and see what works best for your set up. As far as the heavier bullets: just preference but I don't see the point in shooting a 165+ grainer in a .308 win. It is so slow and the energy is so bad, might as well lighten the bullet and get optimal velocity and energy. If you want to shoot heavier bullets; better off with a 30-06 or 300 win.
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