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have tried the LNL AP and just don't like it. and nonbody beats dillon's customer service.
Not that you have tried it, but Hornady's CS is the same (Dillon set the model). Thing is, I've loaded on the 650, Pro 2000, and the LnL; and for all the fanatisism coming from the Dillon guys, there is NOTHING about the 650 that justifies paying more for an obsolete product - including CS. The LnL is simply a better machine and a better value than the 650 (or 550 for that matter). I know all of you Dillon guys are foaming at the mouth to defend your overpriced antique of a press, but every time you guys say "Dillon and never look back" I laugh and say "because if you do, you'll be sorry you did".

Amongst all of the superior features of the LnL, the one I enjoy the most is transfering my dies between my single stage rock chucker and LnL without changing settings (calibrated RC by shimming female LnL bushing installed in press). Just a 1/4 turn and I can remove or install any individual die on either press and start working. Imagine working up loads and die settings on a SS and then instantly swapping to progressive when you've got it right; can't do that on a blue press.
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