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I think you made a good safe choice. But.....

But ive decided to go with 44 because its cheaper and more common.
These really big boomers are fun, but you take a beating and for what end? You really don't need one for bear protection for the most part. But they still are fun.

My take is if you want a big boomer, go for it, so you have the capability if nothing else. I wouldn't shoot puny loads in a 454 revolver. I have other revolvers for that.

I am a fan of the 480 Ruger and it is indeed my "big boomer". I have a SRH for deer hunting mostly, but am getting a BFR in that same caliber. You asked about ammo availability as an issue with the 454.... it might be relevant with the 480 Ruger, but honestly I can find all I need. It is not like I go out and shoot a 100 rounds in a single day. It is just not physically possible for me to do that unless I am just sending rounds down range without much serious aiming. Cost is important and I don't waste ammo.

I would love to have a Ruger Alaskan in 480 Ruger. But it is not likely to materialize ever in my inventory. It is one of those, why bother kind of decisons. I carry a 41 mag if I am concerned about black bears and I consider that plenty for most situations.
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