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You're right. I do apologize. But as I said, not what I would do. But you should go back and read the whole article. Or at least more than just the myth at the headline. It wss plausible, but it stated the bullet tumbles and loses momentum
Okay, I have let this dangerous statement go long enough before voicing my thoughts on the matter...

Fullsize, you are wrong, plain and simple. Unless the bullet is shot (and remains) directly vertical, it will not tumble and lose momentum. It will travel in a parabolic path, and it will hit the ground with enough force to kill any two-legged creature with ease.

Now, is it "plausible" for a round to remain at a perfect 90 degree flight path relative to the earth? Sure.....but it is so hard to do that you can shoot 1,000,000 and it will never happen. Even if you get the angle right for the shot, there will be wind that will push it off of the perfectly vertical flight path.

NEVER fire a round into the air (except birdshot). I am one who is against warning shots for the most part, but I am always against stupid advice. This was stupid (and very dangerous) advice.
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