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Lever-wise, no American-made Winchesters any more, and when they were they were just 94s, no 92s. AFAIK, there has NEVER been an American-factory Win 92 made in .357, period--or in any other calber since 1941. Model 94s are another matter, made here 'til the Connecticut plant closed eight or ten (?) years ago,...and from many posts in this and other forums, .357 is not a good chambering (yes, some report no problems). The 94 was not designed for "pistol-length" rounds in the first place, but the larger bores among them supposedly fare better than the .357. Stick with the Japanese (Miroku plant) Win 92 if you must have Winchester---though far from cheap. Same plant that made the stellar Browning 92s--which are getting precious in .357 especially (lower production than the .44s). Otherwise, another American made .357 would be Marlin. I'd pick an older Marlin before a Win 94 or Henry (too heavy) in this chambering.
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