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BigJimP and others:

Thanks for the advice. The gun was as much as I could afford at the time, given that I was not 100% sure I'd really enjoy skeet shooting or competition.

After my first summer though, I've fallen hard. Getting something like a Blaser, Kolar, or Krieghoff is an exceptional investment...but for a lifetime of worry free shooting and top-notch competition I think it will be worth it for me.

I'll check with a local stock maker to see what a repair or a new fore-arm will cost. I'd like to avoid getting the an entirely new stock and forearm since that will probably cost more than the gun is worth. In the end, I think I might make the minimum repairs and then sell the gun (which I will honestly be able to say is in much better condition than when I bought it). Even if saving up means I spend a summer or two out of competition, I'm starting to think that it may be worth saving up until I can purchase something that will last me a lifetime. I may also look for a used quality gun with tubes and a case already in the package.

Based on quality, I'm starting to see exactly why the serious skeet competitors are all shooting the same very high quality brands.

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