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The Springfield Loaded is an entirely different model than the Springfield TRP. The Loaded comes in different configurations but it is basically a mid-priced 1911 with features that used to only be obtained through customizing (lowered and angled ejection port, beavertail grip safety, enhanced sights, etc.). These sort of features are now available on models from most manufacturers. They have reasonably good fit and reasonably good triggers but not much in the way of hand fitting.

The TRP, on the other hand, is supposed to be a mid-upper level 1911 based on the custom Professional model. They are well regarded and have more hand fitting.

If you have the Loaded model, the "grittiness" of the slide would not be unusual and will smooth out with use. The recoil spring is not binding; it can't with a FLGR and I've never heard of one actually binding with a standard length guide rod. Again, I would suspect that to smooth out with use. That's part of the difference in paying for a mid-line gun and high end production gun.

I would not expect to have these in a TRP but if yours is a TRP, I would still shoot 300 rounds or so through it to see if these things go away.
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