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Depends on what clothing I'm wearing. I prefer to carry as much gun as I can effectively conceal. For hot weather S&W Airweight with Crimson trace grips fits nicely IWB at 2 O'clock position. It's also prefered in low light conditions with the laser. With a long T-shirt (untucked), I'll carry my Kahr CW-9 IWB at the 5 O'clock position (butt up). In cooler weather with a long T-shirt (untucked) and a long flannel shirt (unbuttoned) or an unzippered hooded sweatshirt....I'll carry my XD45 in a Blackhawk Serpa crossdraw. My point is that lots of different gun/holster combos can be used for CCW but you have to factor in the clothing that you're wearing and your body shape. If you have a bit of a gut it's easier to conceal in front cause your shirts will hang out further. If you have a thick back and a round butt (don't giggle) it's easier to conceal in the back. If you're stick skinny you better wear some baggy clothes.
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