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Sierra makes fine bullets! I am biased toward the 165-168 gr weights,but that is preference.Norma brass is just fine,as are CCI primers,all great recipe stuff.
I have no experience with N-135 powder.For me,I find Hogdon and ReLoader powders to be excellent,available and reasonably priced.Where I live,Norma powders are only semi-available(often out of stock) and expensive.

Study the reloading data in the book,and see what is recommended.An uninformed guess,N-135 is a bit on the quick burning end of the scale.It may be that N-140 would be a more flexible choice,but,I do not have a book out.You might look at which powder is good for both 168 and 150 gr bullets.Could be your rifle may prefer one over the other.

Have fun!
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