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Google produces a boatload of results. They can blow up, colt isn't some untouchable force protected weapon. ANY AR can fail, just letting the OP know I've seen more than a few Colt KBs come up recently...Most of them were walmart guns. It's just the same as always, if a mid to low shelf AR blows up, it's a cheap piece of garbage. If a Colt blows up it's 210% undeniably ammo related without question..and when the Larue/LMT/Veskys keep shooting without's because they'er over priced safe queens that snobs shoot once every three months Colt isn't the original, they bough out someone elses achievement.

6920-one of many

Factory ammunition used

As I said....I've HEARD about several KB, out of all the AR15 I've owned (and do own) and the thousands and thousands of 5.56 rounds that I've fired in my life (everything from military match grade to the nastiest steel cased) I personally have never had a KB. I've first hand witnessed a few (only one was reload related) and none caused serious injury to the shooter thank God.

Excluding the pre-ban HBAR A2 Target, I no longer (nor will I again in the future) have a Colt AR in my safe (much better out there for the money like BCM) That being said, I'm not colt bashing. Colts are not bad guns, but they arent the holy grail AR to end all that all others are judged by. They do go bang....look ugly as hell doing it, with very spotty quality control reguarding finish...but they go bang when you need it to. They are a serious working gun, not a beauty pagent winner. I just prefer mine to be both

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