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+1 on the 2MOA (2" group)) @ 50 yards

IMO I'm not that good or shoud I say comfortable shooting more then 50 yards with iron sights. I can and I do shoot 100 yards all the time with My AR that just has iron sights .

The other day at the range I shot a ten inch group @ 100 yards using brown bear 55gr . I was on a table but no rest . Just holding the rifle with my elbows on the table for support . Stock rifle stock trigger and not really locking in on the target . Shooting about 1 shot every 2 seconds or so . With that ammo . that gun , that rate of fire and that distance . I was happy when I went out to look at my target and all 20 rounds hit with in a 10 inch area .

With the same rifle using better ammo and a rest I can shoot a 4 inch three shot group @ 100 yards with iron sights .

Again wth the same gun better ammo and a scope . I can shoot a three shot group just over 1 MOA @ 100yards .

With these numbers being what I can do . I would be very unhappy if i did not shoot a 2 inch group @ 50 yards while really trying ( using a rest and locking in on the target )
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