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Looks like a nice older Yazel. What caliber?
On the barrel is stamped Ten Ring Precision, San Antonio TX, it's a .45 caliber.

It was cold and drizzly this morning and I had a string of failure to fires, and when it finally went off, I put the ball in the edge of the target. Not my best score. That'll teach me to start a match without a fresh flint in the gun.
The more I shoot flintlocks, the more I understand why some of the Injuns kept their bows and arrows.

Cool! I sent in my membership dues last week, looking forward to the "Frost on the Cactus" shoot in March! and nice gun!
Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing you too.

My pistol shooting really stank this shoot but it looks like I won the short range trap aggregate. I may have the open offhand rifle agg too but you never know until all the targets are turned in.
My offer to lend you one of my extra shotguns still stands.
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