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StainlessSteel215, you seem to have your head on straight. Marriage is a partnership. It is not a "50-50 compromise"; that is too negative. It is a 50-50, 60-40 (or something like that) partnership that changes with time. It's a good thing and one gun a year is probably a good target but I would be careful about asserting this. Once you pay off the credit cards, life will change. Having the money in the bank for a credit card purchase is a good approach as you use the credit as a tool, one of many.

I do believe in what is good for the goose is good for the gander. It is seldom equal but it is a moving average.

When I got married, I bought no firearms for over 10 years. I had some and frankly I got out of the habit of shooting them anyway since we were living in a fairly urban area where shooting cost too. In time, I migrated back to the hobby. It was not a big deal. But central to my hobby is shooting 22's and the cost is not that much once you have the guns.

It is good to do things together. That is one of the reasons we got into outdoor photography. The hobby provided a central focus to our camping and outdoor outings. It made things really fun. But even that changed when photography shifted from 35mm film to digital and auto focus. Everything changes unless you remain focused on a hobby and participate in it on a regular basis.
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