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James K
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Just FWIW, I wasn't blowing smoke about the foreend. The 94 carbine has a screw that goes through the rear band. That screw goes between the magazine and the barrel, through a hole that takes metal from both. Of course, it also goes through the foreend as well. On later carbines, that screw was driven into the hole at the factory, bending it as needed to line up with the other hole in the band. That distorts the band as well as the magazine tube. As it binds the barrel to the band, the foreend and the magazine tube, any heating of the barrel causes the barrel to warp and send bullets off in unpredictable directions. When the barrel is freed up, the guns can be tack drivers. That can be done by some careful work on the foreend and the screw to allow the barrel to be free to expand as necessary. Some work on the front band will probably also be needed.

It is a great example of superb barrel making being brought to naught by "hammer it together" bean counters.

Jim K
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