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Originally Posted by DNS
The law defines the activities of paramilitary training that would be illegal, but you can be arrested for "paramilitary training" as per the article, and that is just hokey.
Technically, the law cited does not define "paramilitary training," because the only term defined in the law is "civil disorder."

Nonetheless, the law DOES state that certain activities are prohibited, but those activities are proscribed ONLY if they are undertaken with the intention of creating or furthering civil disorder. It is not a general prohibition of paramilitary training, it is only a prohibition of paramilitary training for the specific purpose of causing civil disorder.

A simpler analog would be personal body armor. It's often assumed that "civilians" are not allowed to own body armor. However, in my state and in many other states, there is no prohibition against owning personal body armor for your own self protection. There IS a prohibition against wearing personal body armor in the commission of a felony.
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